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Affordable car MOTs in Crawley

All cars over three years of age require annual MOTs in Crawley, as elsewhere. If you want a fast, convenient MOT service, including MOT repairs where needed, come to us. The team of experienced mechanics at Fleet Services and CMC Ltd are here to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy and legal for the year ahead.

MOTs in Crawley


  • Competitive pricing
  • Pre-MOT servicing & repairs
  • DVSA approved test centre
  • Full repairs service
  • Tyre replacement where necessary

What Your Annual MOT Involves

The annual MOT runs a series of checks on all vehicles over three years old to establish that they meet the standards for road safety and are also environmentally up to scratch in terms of emissions and so on. An approved and authorised tester will check your vehicle over, checking everything from your brakes, fuel and exhaust systems to seatbelts, lights, windscreen wipers and mirrors. The test will last around half to three quarters of an hour under normal circumstances. However, if there are any failures, you’ll need repairs to be made before you can drive your car away from the test centre. 

There are some obvious checks you can make on your car before booking it in for an MOT that can reduce the chances of an inconvenient fail. Countless cars don’t pass muster every year because they haven’t been topped up with screen wash or because windows, lights and mirrors are dirty. Make sure your registration plate is clean and complies with the rules, especially if you have a personalised plate. Remove any stickers, like parking permits, that may be obscuring your view. And get any warning lights on your dashboard seen to by a mechanic before the test, as this can result in an instant fail.

Servicing Helps Prevent MOT Fails and Keeps You Safe on the Roads

It’s worth noting that the MOT doesn’t cover your clutch or gearbox, nor the state of the engine, so you can’t rely on a clean bill of health at your MOT to give you trouble-free driving for the year ahead. For this, regular servicing is the best idea. Not only will this address any problems that might make your MOT experience more expensive, it’ll also help keep your car as a whole running smoothly. Why not book an MOT or service today at our garage?

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