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Fast and affordable expert car diagnostics in Crawley

Troubled by a persistent warning light on your dashboard or a strange noise from under the bonnet? Don’t ignore it and hope it goes away – ask us. We carry out swift, efficient car diagnostics in Crawley. With the latest in testing equipment, we can quickly get to the heart of the problem and give you a quote for repairs or replacement parts.

Car Diagnostics in Crawley

Car Diagnostics

  • Independent garage in Crawley
  • Over 25 years’ experience
  • Full engine diagnostics
  • Latest technology & equipment from leading brands
  • Repairs & replacement parts

What Is an Engine Diagnostic Test?

Nowadays, many of the key components that make up a car are computerised. Car diagnostic testing can help mechanics to pinpoint problems, or potential problems, more accurately than ever before. And that can cut the expense of having your car repaired – or even worse, it breaking down at the roadside because of some previously unnoticed fault.

Diagnostic testing uses specialist software to analyse the car’s inbuilt sensors, microchips and processors, locating faults within the engine, the exhaust system, the braking system and other major component parts. It can also identify problems with tyres, emissions, lights, air conditioning and so on. Here at Fleet Services and CMC Ltd, we use state of the art diagnostic equipment to identify issues with your car’s performance. Once we’ve identified what’s wrong, our experienced and qualified team can suggest the repairs that might be necessary to get your car operating at its best again.

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If you have a persistent warning light on your dashboard or have a feeling your car isn’t working as it should be, call us to ask about our car diagnostics service. We’re an independent local garage that aims to keep our prices as affordable as possible. We also deal with any make or model of car, so you don’t need to pay dealership prices to get problems rectified.

We deal with repairs of all kinds, including electrical faults, wheel alignment and tracking, brakes, clutches and exhausts and car battery replacements. We only use the best replacement parts sourced from leading names in the motoring industry, so you know the car repairs we do will stand the test of time.

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