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Five Reasons To Have Your Car Serviced Regularly

Car servicing in Crawley and beyond is recommended not only by car manufacturers, but also by garages that serve local inhabitants. You may think that your car is running just fine, and that keeping a vehicle is an expensive enough business without adding in the cost of a service. But neglecting this important duty could turn out to be a false economy. Here, we explain why.

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1.  MOTs in Crawley Don’t Replace Car Servicing

As some car owners learn to their cost, an MOT is not the same as a car service! The two checks cover some overlapping areas, but the purposes are completely different. An MOT is a test of a car’s road worthiness, safety and environmental factors like emissions. It doesn’t look at the whole of the car – areas that aren’t covered include the engine, clutch and gearbox. It’s also not designed to pick up on wear and tear of essential components – it’s just a snapshot in time of some aspects of the car’s condition. A service, on the other hand, will look for potential as well as actual faults, giving you a chance to remedy them before they result in a breakdown.

2.  Saving You Money Longer Term

Because car servicing looks at a comprehensive list of potential issues, it can prevent more expensive problems occurring further down the line. A car service will, for example, usually include a full oil change. If this isn’t carried out regularly, there’s a chance it can cause damage to the engine, which is far more expensive to rectify than a quick and easy oil change.

3.  Prolonging Your Car’s Lifespan

Replacing a car is an expensive business too. Frequent servicing at appropriate intervals allows you to spread the cost of repairs or replacement parts needed due to usage during your car’s lifetime. That will keep your vehicle operating for longer than if you neglect to have services. In that case, major parts can all wear out around the same time, resulting in the cat becoming uneconomic to maintain and you having to pay out for a new one.

4.  Saving Money on Fuel

Servicing and car diagnostics in Crawley will look at the overall performance of your car and its fuel economy. By addressing any issues with the engine and other parts such as the exhaust system, a service can keep your car running efficiently and that means less money paid out in petrol or diesel.

5.  Protecting Your Investment

You may want to sell your car in future, or trade it in for a newer model. Being able to demonstrate a full service history will help preserve or even enhance the value of your vehicle and make it a more attractive prospect to potential buyers. And if your car is written off in an accident, a full service history may also mean that your insurer will value your car at a higher level, giving you more money to replace it.

At Fleet Services and CMC Ltd, we offer full and interim servicing as well as a comprehensive range of other services, including engine diagnostics and brake repairs in Crawley; and bodywork with car welding in Crawley. Ring us today for a free quote.

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