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How to Prevent Breakdowns and Accidents in Winter

It’s a well-known fact that cars are more likely to break down in cold weather than at other times of the year. Accidents also tend to happen more frequently in the winter months. And there’s nothing more miserable than being stuck at the side of the road waiting for breakdown recovery in the dark, the rain or icy, freezing conditions.

Fortunately, by paying attention to car maintenance all year round, you can lessen the chances of ending up stranded at the roadside or unable to get to work because your car simply won’t start. Here are our top three tips to prepare for the winter months.

Prevent Breakdowns and Accidents Crawley

Regular Car Servicing in Crawley

Booking your car in for regular services means that it will be checked over by experts who’ll spot any potential problems before they become a serious issue. That’s not just good for your pocket – as repairing minor faults is obviously less expensive than major ones! It’s also vital for keeping your car running smoothly in winter, not to mention road safety. For instance, a good service will check all fluid levels in your car, including coolant, engine oil and hydraulics. It will test the condition of your battery – which is often the cause of non-starters in the winter months! It will also make sure your engine is tuned to optimum condition and that all your lights work as they should. Remember, having your car serviced covers different areas than MOTs in Crawley, so one is not a substitute for the other.

Look Out for Spongy, Noisy or Unresponsive Brakes

The condition of your brakes should be one of your most important priorities, especially in winter when road conditions are excessively wet or slippery with ice and snow. It’s critical to make sure your brakes aren’t unduly worn and that the braking system is working as it should be. Look out for grumbling or grinding noises you don’t usually hear when braking, a spongy feel or the car pulling to one side when you depress the brake pedal. At the very first sign of trouble, ask your garage to examine your car and carry out any necessary brake repairs in Crawley.

Don’t Ignore That Dashboard Warning Light

Your car may seem to be running just fine, so if a light comes on intermittently or persistently on the dashboard, it can be tempting to ignore it. After all, no-one wants to invite the possibility of a big garage bill if they can possibly help it! Unfortunately, that could be a false economy. If that warning light persists, book your vehicle into a good garage offering car diagnostics in Crawley.

All modern cars have a sophisticated array of sensors that help monitor the vehicle and its performance, and the warning lights on your dashboard are just that – an early warning system that something isn’t quite right. While the light may come and go, the fault is unlikely to mend itself. In fact, it will worsen over time if it’s not checked out and repaired at an early stage. And that could mean the cost of breakdown recovery, a higher garage bill – or even worse, a trip to hospital if the fault causes an accident.

In short, to prevent winter car catastrophes, book your car in with your garage as soon as you notice a problem. You’ll be grateful you did in the long run!

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