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Local, professional car welding in Crawley

You are likely to need car welding in Crawley if your vehicle has suffered from rust and corrosion or you’ve had an accident that has resulted in damage to the bodywork. A weld repair can address the problem and help strengthen your car, improving its safety and ensuring it doesn’t fail that all-important MOT. At Fleet Services and CMC Ltd, we’re welding specialists and can help.

car welding in Crawley

Car Welding in Crawley

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  • Experienced professionals
  • Chassis & wheel arches
  • Bodywork & rust repairs
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Why Welding Is Important and How We Can Assist

The bodywork of your car gives it its structure and strength. It protects you in a collision, as well as protecting the car’s moving parts from damage by weather or from road debris. Any damage to the car’s exterior can also significantly detract from the look of your vehicle, not to mention its value if you’re aiming to sell it on at any stage. 

Even if the patch of damage is only small or isn’t particularly visible, it’s vitally important you get the area rectified as soon as possible. If it’s left untreated, then damage can spread and get worse, and the issue will cost you far more to repair over the longer term. 

At Fleet Services and CMC Ltd, we offer a complete welding service, to correct damage and ensure your car is safe enough for the driver, passengers and other vehicles, as well as to make certain it passes its MOT. Whether it’s a small patch of rust over the wheel arches or more significant damage caused by an accident or long term neglect, don’t hesitate to bring your car to us. We have the skills, experience and tools to rectify the damage and restore your car to its former glory.

Why Us?

Professional standard car welding is a service not many garages can offer, so if you are in the Crawley area and need this type of bodywork repair for your car, come to us. We take pride in the quality of our workmanship, and in doing so at a fair price too. Ask for your free quote today.

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