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Why Choose an Independent Garage Over a Dealership?

Whether you are looking for MOTs in Crawley, car repairs or car servicing in Crawley, you may have a choice between an independent garage and a national franchise. While there are aspects like convenience to take into account, it’s not always worth just plumping for the biggest name or the dealership that’s nearest to you. You can often get a better deal if you shop around. Here, we look at some of the advantages of opting for an independent garage.

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Size Matters

…but not in the way you might think! Choosing an independent garage for your vehicle’s repairs or car diagnostics in Crawley can often be the cheaper option. That’s because these smaller concerns tend to have smaller premises and therefore fewer overheads than their larger counterparts. They can pass these savings onto the customer, meaning you get better value for money.

The Personal Touch

Smaller, local garages have often been established in the community longer and have built up their reputation by word of mouth. They therefore have a keen interest in providing the best levels of customer service that they possibly can. You’ll also often find the mechanics have loyalty to their business and stay there longer than staff might do at a national concern.

Larger franchises tend to be busier, dealing with large contracts for fleet cars for instance, which can mean that you might not always get the attention you deserve. At an independent garage, you can talk to your mechanic directly and build up a rapport with the individual who’s working on your vehicle. They’ll get to know you and your car, and that can result in a better, more considerate and more effective service.

And once you’ve developed that relationship with your independent garage, you are far more likely to be able to book your car in for emergency brake repairs in Crawley, say, or to drop off and pick up your vehicle at a time that suits you, rather than to a schedule that suits a large dealership.

Independent Advice

Independent garages aren’t limited to particular makes and models of cars – they’ll tend to deal with a whole range of vehicles. So if your family has more than one car or you change vehicle with any frequency, you can still stick with the same garage if you’re happy with their services. You will often find that you get a greater choice when it comes to replacement parts or tyres too, as an independent garage isn’t necessarily affiliated to any particular manufacturer.

No Less of a Service

And just because your local, independent garage is small, there’s no reason to think they won’t be able to provide the full range of services you might need during your car’s lifetime. Many independent garages will not only do repairs and servicing, they can also perform MOTs, engine diagnostics and even car welding in Crawley. If not, they will certainly have a trusted partner company that can carry out the work required.

While it comes down to personal choice in the end, there are plenty of advantages to opting for an independent garage. If you’re based in Crawley, why not give us a try at Fleet Services and CMC Ltd?

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